Great Lakes Brewing Company is a principle-centered, environmentally respectful and socially conscious company committed to crafting fresh, flavorful, high-quality beer and food for the enjoyment of our customers.

We promote the responsible enjoyment of our products; if you are of legal drinking age (21 years or older), we invite you to visit our website.

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A Discerning Difference
Recognized as one of the finest regional craft breweries in the country, we continue to make a name for ourselves by ensuring that an uncompromising pursuit of superior taste differentiates our products from the rest of the market. To make sure that products are stored correctly on retailer shelves, we maintain a team of area managers and field sales representatives who regularly monitor product storage and freshness in the field. "Imports run the risk of growing stale by the time they reach the United States, and preservative-laden, highly pasteurized beers tend to offer less than full-bodied taste," Patrick Conway notes. "Our fresh product positions us as a very strong player among discerning craft brew consumers."

Exceptional Measures Ensure Top-of-Line Quality
We continuously look for opportunities to provide customers with the highest quality, freshest beer possible. Every aspect of the process from raw materials to packaging undergoes stringent quality checks and must be approved by both quality and production teams before use.

Beer Serving/Storage Tips:

Enjoy By...
Each of our bottles is stamped with a unique "Enjoy By" date. These dates vary by style, and are determined by GLBC lab technicians based on when each beer begins to lose its freshest flavor. We strongly recommend purchasing and consuming our handcrafted beers before the date listed on the bottle or the top of the keg to enjoy the fresh taste our brewers intended.

Keep it Cool...
Beer should be refrigerated whenever possible. Cold storage prevents oxidation, which occurs as beer ages, and can create off-flavors. Avoid exposing your beer to extreme temperatures, and if you purchase beer at room temperature in a store, refrigerate it as soon as possible. We store our beer under 50 degrees Fahrenheit (but never at freezing temperatures) in order to inhibit oxidation.

Protect from Light...
We package our beers in amber-colored bottles to protect them from becoming "light-struck" or "skunked." This reaction can happen quickly, so we recommend storing your beer in the dark, and enjoying your beer in the shade on hot summer days (it's much more comfortable there anyway).

Growler Care:
Pay a visit to our Brewpub, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase a growler full of one of our Year-Round, Seasonal, or Pub-Exclusive beers. We recommend consuming the beer in your growler within a few days of filling (hopefully you can find a friend to help). Wash your growler and cap between fills using hot water, and allow it to dry completely before filling again.

Glassware Tips:
Each style of beer has its own glassware (we won't judge you if you don't have every single one). Just make sure it's a clean glass. Drinking from a clean glass as opposed to drinking directly from a bottle has a few benefits. Pouring your beer into a glass allows some of the Carbon Dioxide to escape, which will save you from getting bloated. And pouring beer into a glass with a proper one-inch foam collar or "head" will allow you to smell the beer better, enhancing your overall drinking experience.