The Heavy Hopping of Dank Demon

Hopheads and headbangers, take heed! A new oh-so-hoppy overlord has been conjured just for you. Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA, our final Imperial IPA Series release of 2021, is now available in 16 oz. Can 4-Packs and Draft! There’s plenty to explore in Dank Demon’s swamp of pungent, resinous hop flavors, so put on your wading boots – let’s dive right in! 

Imperial IPAs, by definition, have an extremely high level of hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma – but Dank Demon turns it up to 11. After a brewhouse brainstorming fog, our brewers decided to add a choice selection of sticky green American hops at no less than four different parts of the brewing process!

First up is Apollo, a classic “high-alpha” content hop, meaning its weight has a high percentage of alpha acids, the compound that produces bitterness in beer. We add a healthy dose of these hops at the beginning of a 60-minute boil to achieve a sharp, aggressive, but devilishly pleasant bitterness. Next, we add a fierce combination of Eureka and Altus hops in the whirlpool to begin layering in leafy aromas and flavors. These are “dual-purpose” hops, meaning that while they’re high in alpha acid (did we mention this beer has some bitterness?), they’re also chock full of the prized essential oils that lead to Dank Demon’s potent pungency. To cultivate an even thicker quagmire of aroma, our brewers get heavy with a big ol’ hopback addition of whole leaf Altus and Eureka, not to mention a simply massive dry hop addition of this menacing hop duo. The result? A ridiculously resinous flavor profile of which we are not worthy!

Speaking of the flavor profile, what exactly do we mean by a “dank” IPA? Many general sensory descriptors are used to help define the term – pungent, funky, and odiferous among them. Reports of this aroma have abounded at Grateful Dead and Phish shows. Yep, believe it or not, hops share a very close genetic connection to marijuana. Both humulus lupulus and cannabis sativa are members of the cannabaceae family, so it’s no surprise they share many of the same aromatic terpene compounds, meaning that the two herbs can smell quite similar (though they have vastly different effects). 

On top of this dank deliciousness, Dank Demon’s hop blend produces intense notes of sticky pine and resin. These wickedly deep flavors are enhanced by just a touch of sweetness from Caramel 60 and Crystal 45 malts. An American Ale yeast strain keeps the attenuation high and the body light, giving Dank Demon the surprising drinkability hallmark of high-ABV Imperial IPAs. While many contemporary IPAs follow the new (and exciting!) drumbeat of hazy New England IPAs, Dank Demon decidedly channels the spirit of the classic West Coast IPAs that made India Pale Ale a household name.

A resinous ruler has risen everywhere GLBC beer is sold. Seek out Dank Demon Imperial IPA near you using our Beer Finder. Rock on!

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