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Students who enroll in Virtual Hop College: Beer 101 will head to the virtual “classroom” where GLBC Beer Educators crack open the story of beer: where it came from, how it’s made, and the best way to taste it. Our Beer Educators will help you tap into a deeper understanding of craft beer the GLBC way by taking a look at our brewery, history, and philosophy.
For this class, we’ll learn about (and taste) the following five (5) beers:
  1. Dortmunder Gold Lager
  2. Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat
  3. Hazecraft Hazy IPA
  4. Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
  5. Plus a rotating seasonal beer (or another available beer of your choice)
No text books required, but feel free to pick up a few of these beers that you’re interested in tasting for class! Additionally, we can offer tickets that include these study beers, and a special Hop College exclusive glass! These beers can also be altered to fit the needs of your group if necessary. Class is held via Zoom, and lasts a total of 60 minutes. The link for the class session will be sent via email before the start of class. Guests are responsible for downloading the Zoom app in advance.


Pricing for Virtual Hop College varies depending on the group size, as well as the beers selected. Classes can be offered with or without beer. Keep in mind, for any tickets including beer, study beers must be picked up from our gift shop located in Ohio City. Ohio law prohibits us from shipping beer.
Tickets include access to a 60 minute class session. Note: listed prices do not include the beer or glassware, or Eventbrite processing fees:
  1. Up to 25 participants: $100
  2. 26-50 participants: $125
  3. 51-75 participants: $150
If you’d like to include the five “study” beers, as well as a special Hop College branded glass, you can add on these “Study Packages” starting at $20 per person. Packages each include five (5), twelve-ounce bottles or cans of beer, and a special Hop College glass. These packages can be tailored specifically to your group as necessary; prices will vary depending on the amount of beer included.


Please contact our Tour and Education Department by calling us at 216.325.7846, or emailing Gift Shop & Tours Manager Private Hop College classes must be scheduled at least three (3) weeks in advance and are subject to availability.

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