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Spacewalker American Belgo Launches

Posted June 20, 2014 By Marissa DeSantis

Alright, so we’re geeking out a little bit over here. Why? Because we're so close to celebrating the pre-release of our newest Seasonal, Spacewalker American Belgo.

The beer won’t be available in package until July (full details here), but everyone who attends our Spacewalker Launch Party on June 27 will get an early taste of this spicy, fruity Belgian-inspired ale.

Our brewers went far out with Spacewalker, using a combination of citrusy Cascade hops, bitter Nugget hops, and ADHA 881, a brand new experimental hop with a wild blend of herbal, pear, and banana notes. With a little bit of wheat for body, and some Belgian yeast, Spacewalker is a complex and refreshing specimen indeed. Early tastes by our brewery’s quality control group are earning rave reviews, and even before its release, Esquire tagged Spacewalker as a must-drink beer for summer


If you want to taste Spacewalker first, come to our Spacewalker Launch Party on June 27. You’ll get three drink tickets good for Spacewalker American Belgo or your choice of our five year-round beers. We’ll also have a wide variety of space-themed foods to help you re-fuel. Our friends from Raise the Roof Entertainment will host a green-screen photo booth, and you’ll get a souvenir photo to take home—bonus points if you can convince your friends you actually had a beer in space.

Meet Clyde Simpson, Observatory Coordinator for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and Emily Davis, Campaign Manager at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History/Comedian. They'll give a fun presentation on Ohio's astronauts, followed by space trivia with cool prizes. Visit their table to check out items from the Museum's space collection, including a real meteorite.

Representatives from the International Women's Air & Space Museum will also be on hand with educational materials.

I’m bringing my personal collection of vintage space-themed vinyl for your entertainment. Do the twist, or just laugh along with me while I play fun 50s and 60s space songs like “Rockin’ On the Moon” and “Take Me To Your Ladder (I Can Meet Your Leader Later).”

We’ll also debut our new favorite game: Space Pong. Practice that tossing motion, because you’ll have the chance to win fun prizes. You can register for the Spacewalker Launch party here.

Make it an Air & Space Flight

Ohio's known as the birthplace of aviation--and that's cause for celebration! Take some notes at our Spacewalker Launch Party and host an air & space-themed party of your own with Spacewalker American Belgo and The Wright Pils, our crisp, refreshing June Seasonal. 


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