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Tis the Season (Wait it’s Only October 27th)

Posted October 27, 2010 By GLBeer Snob

The 2010 Christmas Ale Season has officially begun! Before, I was just a spectator who watched the madness of Christmas Ale being poured behind the bar and hustled to my local retailer when I got word of Christmas Ale 6-packs available for sale. This year started off a little differently for me than past years.

My first Christmas Ale Season with GLBC = very different being behind the scenes. The phone calls, emails, questions on Facebook and Twitter NEVER STOP. Everyone wants to know when, where and how long Christmas Ale will be available. I knew this was a popular brew, but until you work here, you have no idea how crazy this season really can be.

On Monday, the GLBC Brewpub released the first batch of Christmas Ale for the 2010 season to the public. We had customers lined up, growlers in hand (some even with their kids), waiting anxiously to try the holiday batch. This madness was like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was pretty awesome! Big thanks to all the fans who came from near and far to support our company.

This season, GLBC will produce around 255 batches of Christmas Ale (approximately 19,125 barrels). We will use approximately 165,000 lbs of honey (which costs GLBC more than $250,000!) and 5,500 lbs each of ginger and cinnamon. Production is up 21% over last year, and it’s still not enough to keep up with demand. If you see some at retail starting in early November, STOCK UP because Christmas Ale will fly off the shelves!

The GLBC onsite Gift Shop will begin to sell 6-packs for $10.99 (plus sales tax) on Monday, November 1st at 10 AM. You will begin to see Christmas Ale in the market in early November. Please utilize the Beer Finder on the GLBC website - it helps you locate where our beer is sold.

Until next time, I know Christmas Ale isn’t just any brew, so please remember to "savor the flavor" responsibly.


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O' Christmas Ale

Posted November 7, 2010 3:39pm By Rick in Youngstown

‎"O Christmas Ale, O Christmas Ale, I love to drink your goodness.
I love your hops, I love your malt. When I fall down, it is your fault.
O Christmas Ale, O Christmas Ale, I love to drink your goodness."