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The Doppelrock: Music To Our Ears

Posted February 29, 2012 By Marissa DeSantis

Spring is going to rock in Cleveland. Pretty soon we’ll be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Moondog Coronation Ball, and in April the next class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees will take Cleveland by storm.

At Great Lakes Brewing Company, we’re already celebrating our city’s rockin’ roots with the release of our winter/spring seasonal, The Doppelrock, a rich, malty doppelbock. This German-style beer bears witness to everything double: double bock flavor, dueling rockers and the double neck guitar made famous by many rock legends.

In honor of The Doppelrock, the headbanging brother-in-law of our exceptional family of beers, we’ve crafted a special mix tape (yes, we said MIX TAPE) for you to bang your head to while you enjoy this malty brew. And hidden in this mix are a few hints at beers you might be able to quaff at our Brewpub’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony party on April 14th. Take a look at the tunes that remind us of The Doppelrock, and leave a comment with your favorite rock songs!

You can find The Doppelrock in 4-packs and on draft at bars and retailers located in our distribution markets. Cheers!

The Doppelrock Mix:

1. Led Zeppelin - "Rock and Roll"
What better way to kick off a rockin' doppelrock mix than by pulling out the Led? Much like Jimmy Page's double-neck guitar, our Doppelrock packs twice the rock.

2. Huey Lewis & The News - "The Heart of Rock & Roll"
Okay, so this may be the least rock & roll song about rock & roll, but he gives a shout out to Cleveland, and you've got to respect that.

3. Cheap Trick - "Surrender"
Rick Nielsen did three better than the double-neck guitar on The Doppelrock's label when he whipped out a five-neck axe while playing this song at a live show. It's not recommended for those with back issues.

4. The Beastie Boys - "Fight For Your Right"
We're sure this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees would approve of The Doppelrock's malty goodness if they could just put down the brass monkey for once.

5. The Black Keys - "Ohio"
Akron's finest remind us how great it is to come home. It's especially nice to come home to a fridge full of GLBC beer.

6. Janis Martin - "Drugstore Rock'N'Roll"
One of a few female rockers originally dubbed "the female Elvis", Janis Martin shows us how they partied in 1956. Just like we will at our April 14th Brewpub event.

7.  The Kinks – "Big Black Smoke"
It’s a sad song about a wayward girl, but The Kinks rock on this dark Face To Face track.

8. The Two Man Gentlemen Band - "Fancy Beer"
The guys in this throwback vaudeville-style outfit have their priorities in check. Sometimes you just need to splurge for a "fancy" beer. We recommend one of ours.

9. The Roots - "Double Trouble"
Like the Roots, The Doppelrock is well-balanced and complex with plenty of classic style.

10. Sleater-Kinney - "Words and Guitar"
Our favorite riot grrrl act gives it their all in this ode to the power of music.

11. Black Flag - "Six Pack"
The Doppelrock actually comes in four-packs. But the power of this anthem is undeniable.

12. Pretenders - "My City Was Gone"
Akron native Chrissie Hynde paints a bleak picture of the Ohio landscape in this 1982 song. Maybe things would have been a little cheerier if she'd written it after GLBC was established.

13. The Cramps - "Primitive"
We call The Doppelrock "the headbanging brother-in-law" of our Family of Beers. He's in his element with this song, a bottle of The Doppelrock, and a dark man-cave.

14. Paul Williams - "The Hucklebuck"
The first and only song played at the original Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland (before the police shut it down), this is an easy, smooth groove perfect for springtime patio drinking.

15. The Raspberries - "I'm a Rocker"
Maybe it's un-rock & roll to call yourself a rocker. But we don't care. We love the cheery power pop of Cleveland's own Raspberries.

16. My Morning Jacket - "Two Halves"
Yim Yames struggles between youthful rebellion and grown-up responsibility in this nostalgic anthem. We encourage you to enjoy The Doppelrock responsibly.

17. The Ramones - "Suzy Is A Headbanger"
It's just not a rock mix without The Ramones.

18. Donnie Iris - "Love Is Like A Rock"
He’s no Michael Stanley. But Pittsburgh's Donnie Iris gives us the perfect excuse to shout, "love is like a bock!"

19. Joe Walsh - "All Night Long"
Kent State University alum Joe Walsh gives us a classic groove in this ode to the weekend warrior.

20. The Velvet Underground - "Rock And Roll"
Rock & roll can save your life. The Doppelrock can save your next party.

Editor's note: Great Lakes Brewing Company did not receive royalties for promoting the artists included in this list.


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Well rounded track list

Posted March 2, 2012 7:27am By Luke

Nice, well-rounded track list! Awesome to see the Cramps on there.


Posted March 1, 2012 10:36am By Patricia Metal Goddess Kellogg

If your going to have a Headbanging theme on the beer, at least make the songs headbang!

Its as good as these bands not in the RRGOF