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What's Your Family Status?

Posted May 23, 2012 By Marissa DeSantis

Maybe you have a standby amongst our year-round family of five beers that you instinctively turn to. Maybe you like to play the field. But have you ever thought about which of our beers best matches your personality? We’ve made it easy for you to find your GLBC Family of Beers personality match. Just circle your answers below and scroll to the bottom of the quiz for your result. It’s no Myers-Briggs, but it might make your next bottle selection a little easier.

A three-day weekend approaches. What are your plans?

A) Whatever it is, it's probably much more interesting than anything my mates are doing.
B) I’ll round up some friends to do charity work. Maybe a street cleanup.
C) I’ll invite my best buddies over for beers, barbecue, and backyard games. My superior planning will ensure that everyone has a good time.
D) I’ll just get in the car and drive. I’m going off the grid.
E) I’ll draw the shades, stay in, and work on my memoir.

You attend an away baseball game between your hometeam and their rival. How do you conduct yourself in the cheap seats?

A) Shout clever barbs to the left fielder, and direct a few to the unlucky fans in my section.
B) Generously give the homerun ball I heroically caught to the kid next to me.
C) Delight in the sights and sounds of my favorite sport and applaud my hometeam when appropriate.
D) Refuse to participate in "The Wave" on principle.
E) Keep score. Listen to the radio broadcast in my headphones. Feel alone in a crowded stadium. Wait for rain.

What do you look for in a potential mate?

A) A match for my wit and charm. Someone with a dry sense of humor.
B) Someone with strong morals.
C) The classic, girl/boy next door type. Someone well-balanced with a good head on their shoulders.
D) Someone bold, fiery, and adventurous.
E) Someone who understands my depth and complexity, if that's possible.

You’re on an exclusive guest list to the event of the century! What is it?

A) A political debate between two candidates I despise.
B) A police auction.
C) The Olympics.
D) An illegal rooftop concert.
E) A lecture on American balladry.

What's your ideal vacation?

A) A passage to India.
B) Vienna waits for me.
C) Deutschland über alles!
D) Take me to the river.
E) London calling.

You find $50 on the ground. What do you do with it?

A) Pocket it and tease my cohorts about how lucky I am. I’ll never give it up!
B) Stop at nothing to find the rightful owner of the money. Instinctively suspect foul play.
C) Ask if it belongs to anyone, then use it to treat my friends to a pint.
D) Burn it. Money's just paper. Everything's disposable, right?
E) Feel even richer than usual. More money, more problems.

You decide to take in a pet. What's your style?

A) An unaffectionate cat. I'll never stop working for his love.
B) A retired police dog with a good nose.
C) A lovable shelter mutt with behavioral problems. I'll train him up right.
D) Everybody has dogs and cats. I want a water snake.
E) An elderly black street cat with a complicated past.


Mostly A’s:
You’re Commodore Perry IPA, the family’s dry, witty antagonist. You’re flashy, potent, and you know how to stir things up.

Mostly B’s:
You’re Eliot Ness Amber Lager, the family’s noble do-gooder. You’re smooth, well-balanced, and you stop at nothing to do what’s right.

Mostly C’s:
You’re Dortmunder Gold Lager, the family’s classic firstborn perfectionist. You get along well with others and you love entertaining. You’re a smooth operator and a solid guy/girl.

Mostly D’s:
You’re Burning River Pale Ale, the bold, hoppy rebellious one. You’ve got tons of personality and flavor, and you won’t let others box you in or push you around.

Mostly E’s:
You’re Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, the dark, complex middle child. You’re as deep and dark as a still lake under moonlight. You’ve got a rich body and plenty of soul.

You can find our Family of Beers on tap and in bottles in our distribution markets. Or stop into the Brewpub to meet our family and taste the freshest GLBC beer available. You can also find cool merchandise branded with your favorite beer in our Gift Shop or our Online Store.


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That's Cool!

Posted June 29, 2012 10:41am By Rebecca Haworth

Eliot Ness Amber it was and absolutely my favorite!

Nailed It - Nice!

Posted June 7, 2012 12:45am By Scott

Dortmunder and Burning River mix - my two faves!


Posted June 5, 2012 6:47pm By ASG

Solid! ID my two favorite beers! Cheers!


Posted June 5, 2012 2:56pm By Bosco

Actually, all exc. D


Posted June 5, 2012 2:55pm By Bosco

mix of beers & styles - Perry, Ness & Fitz