Great Lakes Brewing Co. Now Available in NYC


CLEVELAND, Oct. 23, 2023 – Great Lakes Brewing Co. (GLBC) announces its distribution expansion into New York City, in partnership with S.K.I. Beer Distributors.  

The brewery begins its introduction to New York City the week of October 23, in conjunction with the launch of seasonal favorite Christmas Ale. In addition to the holiday classic, the brewery’s initial entry into the market includes the highly rated Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Vibacious Double IPA, and new Midwest IPA.  

The launch will be supported by several kickoff events throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. While GLBC has served the state of New York for decades, this is a significant and strategic step to expand its distribution footprint.  

“We’d been distributing to the state of New York, but never found the right solution for NYC until now. We are excited to finally bring our brands to the biggest city in the U.S. and introduce our powerhouse portfolio to the city that never sleeps,” said Chris Brown, GLBC Vice President – Sales.  

The brewery has partnered with S.K.I. Beer Distributors, who Brown feels will be critical to enduring success in the market. “S.K.I. was the choice that made the most sense to us. With their energetic sales leadership and portfolio fit, we believe their partnership will drive our business in a highly competitive market for years to come. We look forward to working with their amazing sales force to finally bring Great Lakes beer to the five boroughs and Long Island.”  

The brewery’s New York City launch coincides with its 35th year in business, and leading with storied brand Christmas Ale makes for a strong introduction, according to Brown. “We’re thrilled to bring Christmas Ale, the largest selling holiday beer in the U.S., to the largest craft beer city in the U.S.”  

Customers can expect to find GLBC’s Christmas Ale, Vibacious Double IPA, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, and Midwest IPA upon launch, and can track down GLBC beer at Below is a list of launch events:

Tuesday, October 24:
The Grand Delancey, Manhattan - 5PM
Top Hops Beer Shop, Manhattan - 6PM
Barcade, Brooklyn - 6PM

Wednesday, October 25:
Barcade St. Marks, Manhattan - 6PM
Freddy's Bar, Brooklyn - 6PM
U.S. Brews, Long Island - 6PM


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