Introducing Our Limited Release Series

We love brewing. A lot. Writing new recipes, perfecting styles, and pushing the brewing envelope are things we’ve done every day since our humble beginnings in 1988. Between our brewpub’s original 7-barrel system (AKA Brewhouse No. 1), our 75-barrel production brewhouse, and our recently installed 2-Barrel Small Batch Pilot System, our passion for brewing consistent, high quality brews has given us well over 200 unique year-round, seasonal, and brewpub exclusive beers.

The problem? Most of them have never been put into package!

And so we asked ourselves, how can we share more of the beer we love beyond our brewpub? 

So this year, our calendar is getting big by going small with the addition of the new Limited Release Series, a diverse mix of one-off releases available for a limited time.

The Limited Release Series features three exquisitely crafted and flavor packed “one and done” beers that bring a little GLBC magic from our backyard to yours. Each release will be available for a limited time in colorful bottles and draft throughout our entire distribution footprint. 

First up in the series is Hazy IPA, an unfiltered and full-bodied India Pale Ale impeccably balanced with a cloudy blend of grapefruit aromas and ripe stone fruit flavors. 

Hazy IPA is available now at the GLBC brewpub and gift shop. Find it throughout our entire distribution footprint beginning Monday, March 16. 

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Learn more about Hazy IPA below…

Flavor: A smooth, hazy landscape tastefully decorated with a flashy blend of Citra, Azacca, and Lemondrop hops
ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 40
Pairs with: Grilled spring vegetables, pineapple salsa, and avoiding yard work

The modern Hazy/Juicy IPA style originated in New England in the early 2000’s before quickly taking the rest of the U.S. by storm. In contrast to the long-popular “West Coast” American IPA, the Hazy/Juicy IPA can have a low level of bitterness, and frequently appears near-opaque. Hazy/Juicy IPA’s main feature is an intense hop aroma and flavor, sporting stone fruit, ripe tropical fruit, and citrus on top of clean, neutral malt.

We had some good old fashioned Midwestern fun with our Hazy IPA label, paying tribute to the beer’s big, audacious tropical fruit characteristics with a familiar (and only slightly tacky) lawn ornament. Our pink flamingo strikes a pose atop an overgrown “IPA” patch. We’re guessing the groundskeeper may have stopped mowing to take a much-deserved beer break.

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