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Christmas Ale Open Letter - Please Read.

Posted November 18, 2010

RE:  Christmas Ale 2010

To Our Loyal Customers,

It’s that time of year again!  Unlike in previous years (when we began brewing the beloved Christmas Ale in August), we couldn’t begin the production of this popular brew until September due to the large capital investment of improvements that required our facility to be closed this summer.  We’re happy to report that this investment has provided Great Lakes Brewing Company with increased efficiency and greater capacity to brew all of your favorite styles.  In fact, we are now shipping more Christmas Ale each week than we normally ship of our popular Dortmunder Gold Lager in a month and a half!

Nonetheless, we have made more Christmas Ale than in past years (and haven’t changed the recipe); however, due to the late start, we are releasing the beer in greater increments throughout the season instead of up front.  If your distributor ran out of Christmas Ale before Thanksgiving last year, please know that the supply of this beer will continue into December.  As with all our brews, Christmas Ale has a shelf life that prevents us from stockpiling it earlier in the season

We  review and appreciate the many comments made throughout our social media outlets, including those from customers who own or manage retail outlets.  Our distributors work diligently to allocate this exclusive brew.  With a limited supply, they understandably first sell to accounts - chains and independents alike  - that feature our entire family of beers throughout the year..  Great Lakes Brewing Company prides itself on its methodical growth and development over the past 22 years and only serves 12 states (including Washington DC) to ensure that quality, freshness and availability are not compromised.

Thank you again for your support of Great Lakes Brewing Company and our Christmas Ale, which we encourage all to enjoy responsibly.  

Merry Christmas to you all,

The Owners and Brewers of Great Lakes Brewing Company