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GLBC Launches Multimedia Dortmunder Gold Campaign

Posted October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012—CLEVELAND, OHIO— Are you the Best Friend of Dortmunder Gold? Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) is on the hunt for loyal fans of their flagship brand, Dortmunder Gold Lager, with the help of a Facebook App, YouTube video, and interactive phone number.

Great Lakes Brewing Company launched on October 8. The URL directs users to a Facebook photo app that allows fans to share, email, and Tweet their photos featuring Dortmunder Gold. Once a picture is approved by GLBC, the user is dubbed a "B.F.O.D.G." or Best Friend of Dortmunder Gold, and their image is shared in the Friends Of Dort gallery.

An additional component of the campaign is an interactive phone number that allows users to text and call Dortmunder Gold. Users who call Dortmunder Gold at 216-282-7072 will hear pre-recorded messages, and can leave voicemails for their friend Dort. Each text message sent to the number will receive a personalized response. The phone number and URL will appear on numerous on- and off-premise displays, billboards, and buses in the Northeast Ohio region and beyond.

These components, along with a campy video called "Dort & Me" are part of GLBC’s effort to increase and reward brand loyalty. Dortmunder Gold, brewed in Cleveland since 1988, is GLBC’s top-selling year-round brand, and the "Have a Drink With a Good Friend" campaign is meant to revive love and appreciation for the local craft lager. "Dortmunder Gold is Northeast Ohio’s #1 year-round craft beer," says Northeast Ohio Area Sales Manager Ryan Lundenberger. "This campaign has unique elements that speak to that connection and help connect fans to Dortmunder Gold in new ways."