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GLBC Ranks 23rd Largest Craft Brewer In US

Posted June 23, 2010

GLBC ascends three spots in national rankings of American Craft Breweries

June 23, 2010--CLEVELAND, OHIO--Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) climbed three spots from the 26th to the 23rd largest craft brewery in the US according to The New Brewer, The Journal of the Brewer’s Association.  GLBC brewed approximately 80,000 barrels in 2009 and plans to increase production by as much as 25% in 2010.  GLBC does not contract brew; 100% of product is produced onsite in its Cleveland-based brewery.

To meet increased demand for the product, GLBC is currently investing in major capital improvements including a new centrifuge, which removes particulate matter from the beer before bottling and kegging; brewhouse additions for increased production speed; filler and packaging efficiency upgrades; and lastly, the installation of four additional storage and fermentation tanks that will increase capacity by a combined total of 1,200 barrels at any given time.  These improvements will require GLBC to briefly cease operations twice this summer.  GLBC plans to pursue an aggressive brewing schedule in advance of and following the shutdowns to keep pace with market demands.  

In addition to GLBC’s production growth, the company added ten (10) new full-time positions in the past year despite turbulent economic times, which remains a major focus for ownership and management.  While the craft beer market segment has experienced steady growth in recent years, GLBC has consistently outpaced the industry percentage by double digit figures.  


Great Lakes Brewing Company, which is comprised of a brewery and brewpub, was founded in 1988 by brothers Pat and Dan Conway as the first microbrewery in the state of Ohio and today remains Ohio’s most celebrated and award-winning brewer of lagers and ales. GLBC currently employs 140 people and its distribution area extends throughout the Great Lakes region and surrounding states.