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GLBC's Eliot Ness on "Haunted History"

Posted August 21, 2013

Our Brewpub serves as the backdrop of an eerie ghost story in The History Channel's "Haunted History" series. The August 16 episode of "Haunted History" explores the gruesome torso murders that took place in Cleveland during The Great Depression.

Cleveland Safety Director Eliot Ness was tasked with capturing the infamous Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run--and he never did. To this day, the mystery of the torso murders remains unsolved.

In the Torso Murder episode of "Haunted History", learn more about this mystery and some of the ghostly lore associated with our historic Brewpub, which was once frequented by Eliot Ness. The episode will air on The History Channel this week, and is currently available for viewing online.

To view the schedule and watch the full episode online, click here.