Sip Like a Sumerian

Travel around the globe and across 10,000 years of history as you sip Sumerian inspired brews with Great Lakes co-owner Pat Conway and Archeaologhist Dr. Tate Paulette. 

The two men will give you a guided tour of ancient brewing and guests can learn and live a piece of history by sipping on of the very first writte recipes of beer, through reeds. Martha will be pairing the brews with anicent inspired foods.

There will be 2 sessions to Sip Like a Sumerian:

This is a ticketed event - $15 includes

*Samples of the two ancients brews - Enkibru, brewed, fermented and served in clay vessels. Gilgamash - the modern day version brewed on Great Lakes pilot system. 
*First pint of Great Lakes Beer
*Ancient bites
*Guided Lecture
*Sumerian 8oz glass

Other beers on tap include: 

Dortmunder Gold 
Holy Moses
Turntable Pils