Sip Like a Sumerian

Join GLBC representatives and co-owner Pat Conway for our marquee Philly Beer Week event!

Travel around the globe and across 10,000 years of history as you sip Sumerian-inspired brews with Great Lakes Brewing Company co-owner Pat Conway and archaeologist Dr. Tate Paulette.

Discover how the very origins of civilization are tied to the art of brewing, and enjoy a modern interpretation of the past as you sip on GLBC’s Gilgamash ale with Pat and Tate. They’ll bring history to life with a guided talk and the chance to sip their ancient ale Enkibru straight through the reeds. Martha will complete the journey through time with food specials inspired by ancient Sumerian culture.


Sip Like a Sumerian from 6 – 10 PM, and don’t miss a guided talk with Pat & Tate at either 6 or 8 PM.


$15 ticket includes:

  • Samples of two ancients brews:
    • Enkibru: brewed, fermented and served in clay vessels in the technique described in the Hymn to Ninkasi.
    • Gilgamash: a modern day version of Sumerian beer brewed on the Great Lakes Brewing Co. pilot system.
  • One pint of Great Lakes beer
  • Martha’s ancient-inspired bites
  • Guided lecture
  • 8 oz. Sumerian tasting glass

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