Steady Rollin' Session IPA Is Back!

Light and bright with a taste for adventure, Steady Rollin' Session IPA returns for another #GLBCSummer! With hotter days ahead, our brewers wanted a flavorful brew that wouldn't bog them down under the summer sun. Packed with Mosaic hops, tropical fruit and crisp malt flavors make Steady Rollin' the perfect not-too-heavy beer for a hike (or hammock).

Find Steady Rollin' Session IPA in 6-packs, 12-packs, and draft in stores, on tap, and at backyard BBQs throughout our distribution footprint beginning May 18.

Brewpub Tapping: Thursday, May 18
GLBC Gift Shop: Beginning Thursday, May 18
GLBC Market Distribution: Beginning Monday, May 22

Flavor: A vibrant landscape of tropical, fruity Mosaic hop aromas and smooth sailing malt flavors
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 50
Pairs with: Spicy chicken tacos, fresh salads, and a lazy river
Malts: Harrington 2-Row Base Malt, Crystal 45
Hops: Mosaic

Blaze a trail across our label created by illustrator Darren Booth to find an image of Cleveland’s Whiskey Island, the site of our annual Burning River Fest where Steady Rollin’ was first introduced to a fun-loving crowd. Located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, Whiskey Island and nearby Wendy Park attract fishers, boaters, and explorers year-round. Roll on, crooked river.