Month of Service - Brewing Good

Good deeds, good vibes, and great beer. We’re grabbing our shovels, lacing up our work boots, and coming to a town near you to brew some good! Join us as we team up with like-minded non-profit organizations for an entire month of volunteering (and beer drinking!) in the communities we’re proud to serve in.

Whether we’re planting trees, completing a beach sweep, or wading rivers for trash removal, we’ll be getting our hands dirty in ways unique to each city (as well as donating $2,500 to each non-profit we partner with) during our Month of Service. And since we don’t want any hard work to go unnoticed, we’ll be saying cheers to every volunteer that joins us with a special thank you gift and volunteer-only after party.

To find out how you can get involved with a Month of Service event in your area, contact your city’s partner organization from the list below. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all of the ways our family of employees is Brewing Good year-round.


Questions? Email for more information.