Holy Moses Raspberry White Ale Now Available!

Where does the road less traveled lead? In the case of Holy Moses White Ale, the unbeaten path took our brewers to an unlikely (and refreshing) place: a raspberry patch. Holy Moses Raspberry White Ale has returned to take wayfaring beer fans on a new journey.

As Ohio craft brewing pioneers, we’ve always admired Moses Cleaveland and his unquenchable thirst for exploration. The spirit of adventure lives on as we've taken the orange peel and coriander of our beloved White Ale and added juicy raspberries for a refreshing flavor waiting to be discovered.

Holy Moses Raspberry White Ale will be available in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and 1/6 barrel kegs at the GLBC gift shop beginning Thursday, April 25. Find Holy Moses Raspberry White Ale in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and draft throughout the GLBC distribution footprint beginning Monday, May 13.

Can't get enough Holy Moses? Our Moses Mix Variety Pack, featuring the new Midnight Moses Belgian-Style Dark Ale, is available now, too!

More release details below…

GLBC Gift Shop: Available now!
GLBC Distribution Markets: Beginning Monday, May 13
GLBC Brewpub: Coming soon!

Flavor: Refreshment or bust! Tart raspberry flavors mark our White Ale’s spicy, aromatic terrain.
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 20

Survey our label artwork and you’ll discover a statue of Moses Cleaveland, our beloved city’s founder and this delicious Raspberry White Ale’s namesake. Moses and his party landed at the mouth of the lush, vibrant Cuyahoga River in July of 1796, not far from our brewery (which we founded about 190 years later!)

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