Ohio City Burro Ale

When the temperature rises, an age-old question always presents itself: classic cocktail or ice cold beer? For Bill Johanni, an avid homebrewer (and our Point of Sale Buyer), the answer was obvious: why not both? And so began Bill’s search for the perfect fusion of ale and cocktail.

The result? The Ohio City Burro Ale. Brewed with fresh ginger and whole limes, this Moscow Mule-inspired ale uses rye for a vodka-like crispness and is dry hopped with Citra for a citrusy aroma. Garnished with or without a lime wedge, the Ohio City Burro Ale tastes great in a pint glass (or a copper mug).

Brewed in collaboration with the GLBC Operations team and part of our Small Batch Pilot System series.

Moscow Mule-inspired ale brewed with ginger and lime. Brewed by members of the GLBC Operations team.


  • Draft
Pairs With 
Thai noodles, grilled cheese, and ginger cookies