Introducing Our New Brewpub Menu By Executive Chef Brian Rosander

With chillier days upon us, our taste buds crave a little seasonal comfort. Our new fall brewpub menu is here and it’s filled with a hearty mélange of locally-sourced ingredients and flavors that bring warmth, comfort, and satisfaction. But this year autumn’s returned with more than just a new menu at Great Lakes Brewing Co… it’s brought us a new chef, too.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce that Brian Rosander has joined the GLBC Family as Executive Chef. A Cleveland native, Brian brings 20 years of kitchen experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to our bustling brewpub kitchen.

Formally trained at the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute in Chesterland, OH and abroad in Italy, Brian is a highly skilled chef. After sharpening his craft in respected kitchens throughout the Midwest, Brian returned home to Cleveland where he spent the last decade owning his own restaurant, heading multiple others, and privately catering to a diverse mix of clientele.

Now Brian takes the helm inside the Great Lakes Brewing Co. brewpub with the mission to make our tasty brewpub food even better. With a passion for seasonal and sustainable local food, Brian’s just GLBC’s style. By making locally-sourced ingredients the star of the show, Brian and our brewpub team create elevated brewpub fare rooted in the Great Lakes tradition. Beautifully crafted yet approachable in nature, each one of Brian’s dishes is an inspired celebration of Midwestern cuisine and pairs beautifully with the quality and complexity of our award-winning beer. And, staying true to our love of storytelling, many of the new items are named for or inspired by regional lore.

Items like the Pumpkin Gnocchi, Saginaw Steak Sandwich, and Salmon & Sesame Salad are just a few of the new dishes featuring ingredients grown on our farms or sourced from our neighbors. Our ever-popular Potato Kegs have earned their own section on our menu and feature a mix of bold new flavors (smoked pulled pork BBQ, anyone?), while our dessert menu now offers sweet and spicy Apple Pasties, Bananas Frosted (a chilly, beer-infused take on Bananas Foster), and of course, a regional favorite, Dirt—you know, chocolate pudding with cookie crumble and a gummy worm or two. 

The best part? Our new menu still stays true to who we are at Great Lakes. Our burgers are still made fresh daily, our crispy pizza dough is still crafted with low-fill beers from the brewery, and our spent-grain barley pretzels remain the delicious (and sustainable) barroom snack they’ve always been. We remain committed to growing, sourcing, and supporting the local food movement by using only the freshest high-quality ingredients we can. And, yes, fan-favorite dishes like the Pretzel Chicken and Bread Pudding will still be proudly served, too.

We can’t wait for you to try our new menu, and invite you to share with us your feedback! Shoot us a message at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and let us know what you think! 

Check out the new brewpub menu here.