SMASH IPA Now Available!

Pow! Bang! SMASH! One hop and one malt have collided head-on in the brewhouse to form our latest Limited Release Series brew, SMASH IPA

Shattering the notion that “more” means “better,” our single malt, single hop India Pale Ale is proof that there’s beauty in simplicity. With 2-Row Base Malt setting a light and refreshing stage, tropical and piney flavors burst through each sip thanks to a walloping dose of Mosaic hops. What can we say? It’s an uncomplicated formula with smashing results!

Exquisitely crafted and packed with flavor, SMASH IPA is the latest Limited Release "one and done" brew that brings a little small-batch magic from our backyard to yours.

SMASH IPA will be available on tap and in 12 oz. Bottle 12-Packs at the GLBC gift shop and brewpub beginning Saturday, June 6. Find it in 12 oz. Bottle 12-Packs and Draft in select locations throughout our distribution footprint beginning Monday, June 15. 

Learn more SMASH IPA below…

Flavor: One hop. One malt. One simple IPA bursting with the Mosaic hop’s signature tropical fruit and pine aromas.
ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 50
Pairs with: Mild cheeses, coconut curry, and a thirst for knowledge

A SMASH beer is brewed with a single malt (SM) and a single hop (SH), usually to showcase the particular qualities of the malt or hop. Although most beer styles can be brewed as a SMASH beer, IPA is the most common example in our modern hop-obsessed times. SMASH beers provide the brewer with a simple yet creative means to achieve a high quality brew, and give the drinker an educational experience of brewing ingredients and process.

Our SMASH IPA label features a plump, juicy hop cone bursting with flavor and aroma in an industrial, lab-inspired scene—a nod to our brewery’s thirst for experimentation and education. Developed on our 2-barrel pilot system, SMASH IPA is a perfect example of how a mix of quality ingredients, R&D, and craftsmanship can bring out the best of any brew.

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