Cooking with GLBC

Cooking with GLBC

We know it's tough to imagine doing anything with a delicious beer that doesn't involve drinking it, but trust us on this one: beer is your best friend in the kitchen. Our brewpub chefs are constantly inspired by our own liquid gold, so many of brewpub menu items are infused with award-winning GLBC beer. And if you simply can't bear to part with a few ounces of beer in the name of culinary science, you'll find food pairing suggestions listed with each beer on our website. We believe beer is only one part of the experience--when you pair it with good food and good friends, that's when magic happens.


Flavorful from-scratch beer infused sauces and dressings have long been a signature at our Cleveland brewpub. With a dash of hickory smokiness and a subtle sweetness reminiscent of Dortmunder Gold® Lager’s balanced malt character, we’re proud to bring a taste of our pub to your kitchen, patio, or wherever good food, friends, and beer meet.

Made with GLBC’s well-balanced and awardwinning Dortmunder Gold® Lager, Bertman Original Dortmunder Gold Lager Beer Mustard has a tangy kick, and is perfect for cooking, dipping, or as a spread on any sandwich.

Infused with our own award-winning Edmund Fitzgerald® Porter, our Cleveland brewpub’s signature from-scratch BBQ sauce has long delighted customers with its bold, roasted flavor and spicy kick. We’re proud to bring a taste of our pub to your kitchen, patio, or wherever good food, friends, and beer meet.