What's on Tap

The beers below are currently on tap in our brewpub. Why not order a sampler and try 'em all? Actual beer selection can vary, so please call ahead to confirm if there's a beer you've got your eye on.


Posted: Jun 7 2019 - 10:49am
A brand new (and highly anticipated) addition to our Legendary Series is ready to mosey onto a patio near you! Buckin' Mule Moscow Mule Ale is making its summer seasonal debut this June! When it comes to warm weather, ask yourself what sounds more refreshing:...
Posted: Jun 5 2019 - 4:35pm
We hope you’re hungry for knowledge and thirsty for beer because class is back in session at Hop College: Pairing Food & Beer! Learn all about complementing your favorite dishes with the right beer style the Great Lakes way. In Pairing Food & Beer, Cicerone-...
Posted: May 28 2019 - 3:01pm
There ain’t no party like the after party! Originally brewed to celebrate 30 years of independent (and now employee-owned) craft brewing, we decided to save some of our 30th Anniversary Imperial Oyster Stout for the barrel cellar. For the first time ever, Barrel Aged...

Result B

Commodore Perry IPA


You’re the first in the pool, the last to go home, and you impress everyone you meet with your ability to spin a story and add excitement to an evening. Some may be wary of your brazen nature at first, but you’ll win them over in no time!

Result A

Burning River Pale Ale

Holding a flame for a brazenly hoppy ale? Burning River Pale Ale is all yours!

You have a deep appreciation for nature, and you are an outspoken advocate for causes you believe in. Your boldness is balanced by a refreshing and easy-going personality that inspires those around you.

The Downtown Oktoberfest at Public Square

Presented by SCENE Magazine, THE Downtown Oktoberfest is coming to Cleveland’s Public Square September 16-18. Put on your dirndls and lederhosen and make your way to downtown for this three-day celebration with German Bier, food and music. Enjoy biers from Hofbrauhaus, Great Lakes Brewing Company and Thirsty Dog Brewing Company while munching on pretzels, bratwurst, and other German cuisine.

Fresh GLBC beers on tap: Dortmunder Gold Lager, Oktoberfest, Lawn Seat Kolsch, Commodore Perry IPA

2016 Seasonal Release Calendar

With a lineup of year-round favorites, a mix of returning and new seasonals, and a brand new Fridge Filler Variety Pack, we can’t wait to celebrate another year of great beer with you.

Gift Wrapping with Cleveland Sight Center

Get your Great Lakes Brewing Company holiday presents wrapped for a good cause!

USA Today's Best Beers for Fall

Thanks to USA Today for choosing two of our seasonals as complements to the coming autumn months.

Great Lakes Expands Virginia Distribution

Thanks to our new partnership with Blue Ridge Beverage Company, Inc., we’re excited to expand our VA distribution footprint to Central and Southwest Virginia! On August 17, we’ll begin intr

How a Burning River Sparked a Passion for Clean Water

Recipe: Sharpshooter Mini Bundt Cakes

Turns out summer’s just a Sharpshooter away!

Sharpshooter Mini Bundt Cakes

Turns out summer’s just a Sharpshooter away! Say hello to patio season and long warm nights with our Sharpshooter Session IPA, brewed with orange peel and Jarrylo hops. Clearly, Sharpshooter would make a perfect companion to your next backyard party, but GLBC Restaurant Manager and entertainer extraordinaire Bailey Trenchard takes it a step further with her new dessert. Inspired by Sharpshooter’s tangy citrus flavors, Bailey’s created a refreshing summer dessert that would fit right in at your next cookout or picnic.


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