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Since 1988, Great Lakes Brewing Company has stood as a touchstone for the Cleveland community and an anchor in the bustling Ohio City neighborhood. Our versatile facility offers a mix of rustic, modern, and industrial touches. Our welcoming and professional staff will delight in helping you craft memorable moments for your guests. And of course, award-winning, hand crafted beers and a delicious local, responsibly sourced menu will provide fodder for dancing, toasts, and inspired storytelling. We invite you to make your personal mark in our iconic spaces at your special event, because at Great Lakes the only thing we love more than a great beer is a great story. Let us help you share yours.

Tasting Room

Maximum Standing Capacity: 200

Maximum Sitting Capacity: 150

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Rockefeller Room

Maximum Capacity: 50

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Beer Cellar

Maximum Capacity: 50

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We would love to host your upcoming event! Please keep in mind that in order for you to have an event with us, your booking is based on availability of our rental spaces (sorry, party crashers).
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