Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Story

From the beginning, we've aspired to craft our beloved and award-winning beers in a socially and environmentally responsible way. As we continue to grow and expand, we will do so with care and respect for our products, employees, customers, and planet. We know that we are not perfect, but through zero-waste initiatives, employee benefits and wellness programs, energy conservation, responsible purchasing, and philanthropic giving in communities where our beer is sold, we strive to do the best we can.


Below you'll find just a few of our sustainability initiatives. If you'd like to dig even deeper, download our complete sustainability report, which shares our current initiatives, tracks progress, and outlines our goals for the coming year.



Water Stewardship

Because we’re located two miles from the shores of Lake Erie and we produce a product that is over 90% water, we’re committed to protecting this valuable resource in brewery operations. While brewing and bottling utilizes a large amount of water, we do our best to reduce and reuse within our bottling and cleaning processes. In 2016, we were able to reduce our water usage rate by 9% and we continue to encourage our employees to look for more ways to keep reducing that number.


Local Foods & Farming

In the fledgling days of the local food movement, we committed to purchasing the freshest produce available. In 2008 we took local food into our own hands by establishing Pint Size Farm in collaboration with Hale Farm and Village. Located half an hour from the brewery on a historic farm in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Pint Size Farm's half-acre plot produces high-quality, organic produce used seasonally in our brewpub. In 2010 we joined efforts with a group of Cleveland organizations to form Ohio City Farm, which may be the largest urban farm in the country. Our share of the farm's six acres produces vegetables and herbs for the brewpub, hops for Pub Exclusive beers and firkins, and a wealth of hands-on educational opportunities for our staff.

Waste as an Opportunity

We don't think of our byproducts as waste. Along with traditional recycling, we believe in repurposing everything we can. Spent brewer's grain finds new life as a soil amendment on our farms and feed for livestock used in our brewpub's menu items. We've even used spent grain to cultivate mushrooms. Low-fill beers become sauces, ice creams, soups, sausage, and even soap. Take, make, remake--that's how we operate.

Sustainability Report Download

Sustainability Report Download

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