Great Lakes Brewing Company is a principle-centered, environmentally respectful and socially conscious company committed to crafting fresh, flavorful, high-quality beer and food for the enjoyment of our customers.

We promote the responsible enjoyment of our products; if you are of legal drinking age (21 years or older), we invite you to visit our website.

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Because we’re located two miles from the shores of Lake Erie and we produce a product that is over 90% water, we’re committed to protecting this valuable resource in Brewery operations. Since 2001, we’ve hosted the Great Lakes Burning River Fest, an educational environmental music festival that has raised over $304,000 for organizations working in water conservation.

Our byproducts are not wastes to dispose of, but resources with a beneficial reuse. Our Brewery has a net negative waste bill; we use spent grain as a soil amendment at our farms, a substrate for mushrooms, and feed for livestock used in our menu items. Low-fill beers are also repurposed into sauces, ice cream, soups and sausage.

We sustainably farm our own produce and specialty hops on our Pint Size Farm and at Ohio City Farm, the nation’s largest urban farm, located one mile from downtown Cleveland. In total, we farm one and a half acres exclusively for our Brewpub and source over 30% of all of our food from local purveyors.

We strive to be leaders in the craft industry by reducing energy usage and using renewable energy throughout our Brewery. We’ve installed a 12-panel solar thermal system and regularly conduct a series of energy audits to constantly reduce our company’s energy usage.

While redeveloping century-old buildings that make up our Brewery and Brewpub, we’ve been sensitive in our choice of building materials and in maximizing energy efficiency. Our Beer Garden features radiant heat floors and the city’s first commercial straw bale wall.

Since we’ve made our home in historic buildings in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, we’re pleased to have been a player in the revival of this area. We’re committed to the idea that businesses anchor and bring prosperity to local communities.

We know that our employees shape us as a company, so we’ve created a fun and collaborative culture using our own employees’ best ideas for improvements and growth, and extend decision-making power to all levels.

Our restaurant vegetable oil is dewatered, filtered, and repurposed as fuel for our “Fatty Wagon” shuttle bus. Emissions from this renewable fuel don’t affect changes in climate like petroleum-based fuels.

We’re all just beginners in sustainability, so we host forums for our city’s environmental leaders to share beers and ideas. We’re also glad to pass on our experience to other organizations just beginning their path to sustainability.

Our Triple Bottom Line business mission encompasses more than just producing world-class beer. We also support and increase awareness of the arts, culture, and environment through in-kind and monetary donations to organizations doing common work.

"We continually challenge the paradigm of ‘Take, Make, Waste’ to a more sustainable and common sense approach of ‘Take, Make, Remake.’ We try to replicate nature’s ‘zero waste’ cycle by turning our waste into viable products."  Patrick Conway, GLBC Co-Owner