Great Lakes Brewing Company is a principle-centered, environmentally respectful and socially conscious company committed to crafting fresh, flavorful, high-quality beer and food for the enjoyment of our customers.

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We engage in economic, social, and environmental practices that achieve a sustainable yet profitable business. This Triple Bottom Line philosophy is present in almost every aspect of our business. From our in-kind and monetary donations to community organizations, to green building and energy efficiency, to utilizing house-made biofuels, we are deeply invested in the sustainability of our business, our community, and our planet.

Triple Bottom Line Initiatives:

  • Sustainable Farming: On our Pint Size Farm at Hale Farm & Village in Bath, Ohio, we organically farm 16,000 square feet of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for use in the Brewpub, and what we can't produce ourselves comes from local, environmentally responsible farmers and vendors. A collaborative effort of Cleveland organizations including GLBC recently formed the largest urban farm within its city limits. Known as Ohio City Farm, nearly six acres of land adjacent to West Side Market have been repurposed for urban agriculture, community development, and job training.
  • Burning River Fest: Since 2001, folks from all over the Great Lakes Region have come together every summer to remember the 1969 burning of the Cuyahoga River and celebrate the renewed sense of eco-consciousness the fire sparked. Intended to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting the Great Lakes region and Cuyahoga River ecosystem, the annual Burning River Fest features educational exhibits from area environmental groups, fresh food from local farms and eateries, live music, and a special appearance by our beloved Christmas Ale. Proceeds benefit the Burning River Foundation, a local non-profit organization that provides grants and resources for the sustainable future of our waterways. 
  • Alternative Fuels: To help reduce our carbon footprint, our beer delivery truck and "Fatty Wagon" shuttle bus run on straight vegetable oil, a renewable fuel made from our reclaimed and filtered restaurant oil.
  • Reuse of Spent Brewery Grain: We share our used Brewery grain with local farmers, who feed the livestock and poultry featured on our Brewpub menu. Zoss the Swiss Baker also uses our spent grain to produce the fresh cracked barley beer bread and pretzels we serve. The remaining spent grain (along with kitchen scraps and cardboard) is fed to worms that produce castings used to fertilize our Pint Size Farm and Ohio City Farm.
  • Recycling: We recycle everything we can: cardboard, glass, plastic, steel/aluminum, paper, hops, brewer’s barley, and even our recycle bins! Our newsletters, menus, beverage napkins, and paper promotional items all include recycled content.
  • Energy Efficiency: In the winter, our Brewery cooler brings in chilly Cleveland air to cool the beer, while skylights and light sensors maximize natural light to minimize electricity use. The brewpub features 12 solar thermal panels and an energy-efficient boiler that heat water for brewing and restaurant use.
  • Low-Fill Beer: When bottles on the line aren’t filled to the maximum level, making them unsellable, we use them in a number of items including soups, sauces, sausages, and even soap. Our low-fill Edmund Fitzgerald® Porter and Christmas Ale™ are sent to Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream to make our exclusive Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Chocolate Chunk and Christmas Ale Gingersnap ice cream flavors.

Knowing that sustainability is always a work-in-progress, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but also candid about the challenges we still face. Read more about our initiatives or grab a pint and read our full sustainability report.